This is a follow-up to the Magnum-based deployment running on Jetstream, see my recent tutorial about that, however it is not specific to that deployment strategy.

First make sure your payload, for example JupyterHub, is working without HTTPS, so that you check that the ports are open, Ingress is working, and JupyterHub itself can accept connections.

Let’s follow the cert-manager documentation, for convenience I pasted the commands below:

kubectl create namespace cert-manager
kubectl apply --validate=false -f

Once we have cert-manager setup we can create a Issuer in the jhub workspace, (first edit the yml and add your email address):

kubectl create -f setup_https/https_issuer.yml

Then we modify the JupyterHub ingress configuration to use this Issuer, modify secrets.yaml to:

  enabled: true
  annotations: "nginx" "letsencrypt"
      - hosts:
        secretName: certmanager-tls-jupyterhub

Finally update the JupyterHub deployment rerunning the deployment script (no need to delete it):